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I made these bacon-cheese hot dogs for dinner saturday night.
Did you know they hold super powers with your spouse ? (neither did I).
They do!
If you make these cheesy hot dogs (cheesy in a good way) your spouse automatically does the lawn and all the other odds & ends that have been on the "honey-do" list for ages.
Magical I tell you.

bacon & cheese hot dogs
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Around the web:

Learn a little about the history of the espresso machine.

Eating onions in salads? Soak them in water for about 10 minutes to take the edge off.

Salad in a jar. I love this new trend. Do you?

I saw this on Pinterest and had to share it with you.
Will you look at that cute little butt?
And the wee paws?

Do you get bored with egg salad? Try these ways to kick it up a notch (or 8).

This recipe for Korean BBQ has been very popular in the food blogging world. (from TheKitchn)

Carrot cake cookies from serious eats.

Strawberry shortcake cupcakes! (from serious eats).

This is Post Ranch Inn in Big Sur California. Who's ready to go? Maybe they'll want me to come out and do an interview? You need to see the rooms with the view. Unreal.

Coconut-palm sugar ice cream.

12 different ways to kick up your basic lemonade (from serious eats).

Photos of diner foods and the waitresses who serve them.

Mango lassi popsicle from theblackpeppercorn.com

Ice cream 101 from Saveur.com Very helpful tips & tricks from Jeni of Jeni's Splendid Ice Creams. (she would know right?).

Chinese Pepper Steak. (from serious eats).

Dark chocolate-cherry fudge. I'm not much of a fudge fan, BUT these really looked and sounded good. (from serious eats).

Paleo fans?
Paleo pumpkin ice cream with chocolate & almond butter swirl. Heavenly.
Great website for all things Paleo recipes.

Important life lessons we learned from children's books. (from flavorwire).

Instagram books. Make your Instagram photos into a book.

I LOVE this maxi dress (from chanceco.com). So cute.

Candy colored photos of carnival in Paris.

Creme de Menthe chunk cookies (from passthesushi.com).

scoutingNY.com is sharing their key west road trip. Unique finds along the road; a bit of history too.

Miso-tahini dressing (from thekitchn.com).

Hot dog relish foodporn. I love this. (from seriouseats.com).

The winners of the "Taste of Home: My Caribbean Cooking" are #16 'whynot' and #34 Crystal. (I haven't heard from 'whynot', PLEASE email me!).

Summer Reads: (just click on image for more info)

Have a great weekend!


  1. Glad you made something to help with that honey-do list. It's Friday, just in time for the weekend, and long honey-do's :)

  2. Of course I love things in jars;-)

  3. Are you sure that little pup isn't part chicken? That little tush looks like a chicken part.

  4. Hot dog!! I'm finding myself eating hot dogs more than ever now that I live here.

  5. Yummy! I am craving that hot dog!

  6. I have seriously not been able to get those hot dogs out of my head. I want one right now!!

  7. Love the lists....I always do. Most decadent hot dog I've ever laid eyes on. :) Good book choices. I've read three of them. Sent the NY book info to my daughter who's lived there since 1980. Be interesting to see what she says.
    (really sad to read about Nora Ephron....I was amazed to read how old she was. And the best bread pudding I've ever made was in her book Heartburn. Been making it for years.)


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