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A short friday fun stuff this week as my laptop is crashing every three hours; obviously on its last leg. Or is it on it's last CPU? No more PC, patiently waiting for tax refund to finally get a MAC. Yep a MAC. Can't wait.

Did everyone see this amazing story of the disabled war veteran Arthur Boorman? His remarkable transformation using a powerhouse yoga regimen over the course of a year? Have you seen what he looks like now? He looks great, but what I really noticed was how happy he looked. Watch the video--it inspired me to give this type of a yoga a try. I have a bad back at times and a bad knee. I keep my back strong with weights, but my knee NEEDS flexibility. I'm definitely ordering the DDPYOGA. If you don't know about DDPYOGA, watch the above video. Or watch the original video on YouTube

Rest in peace Maurice Sendak. Your motto: "live your life, live your life, live your life..." Is on my wall in my office. Those words keep me grounded.

Love this article from Gawker on ice cream. 5 Things That Need To Be Put into Mainstream Ice Cream.

There's a new chip in town. I tried them, they are OK. They need more coating and they are a LOT harder than the normal cape cod chip--tooth breaking hard.

Coffee flavored coconut water. Hmm. Maybe as a cocktail, but not as a sports drink.

Saw this in Pinterest and had to share it with you all. Walking heals everything doesn't it?

Plants that help you get a good nights sleep?

I've heard so many good things about repelling flies with a hanging bag of water. Well, here's more proof, and something a little more attractive and easier than just a plastic bag of water. An eco friendly, safe way to repel flies.

Gutter gardening. No yard, no problem, gutter gardens.

Edible bingo.

The 2012 James Beard winners!

Thai shrimp cakes with sweet chili sauce. Already bookmarked!

And Thai shortbread! Fascinating.

A recap from the 2012 Sweet & Snack show in Chicago.

Avocado Fries. Easy recipe.

Video: Christina Tosi before she was famous.

How to make salsa from scratch.

Happy Mother's Day!! Have a great weekend!


  1. I have those shrimp cakes bookmarked, too! They look incredible. Love your fun stuff!

  2. I found a vintage video of C. Tosi when I was looking for Compost Cookie recipes that others had made and came across some gems!

    Thai shortbread and avo fries, oh yes!

    Have a great weekend!

  3. Luved that poster,very inspiring,.

  4. Waffle cut chips? I must try. I love the regular cape cods. Avocado fries? Totally going to check that out. yayy for a new Mac :) PS- retrying the chocolate coconut cookies on Monday!

  5. This suggestion are so much fun stuff. I' dying to taste this ice cream it sounds so delicious. Waffle cut chips perfect for movie time.

  6. i love your lists; i steal all of them for Facebook links!

    by the way in college my husband and i visited the cape cod potato chip factory - one of my favorite places, ever. and the x-mas tree shops of course

  7. oh man, i want to try those chips! yum!

  8. Avocado fries!? Interesting! Hope you have a great weekend!

  9. I always love your friday lists! Those ice cream flavors were genius, and I am intrigued by the thai shortbreads. They are so adorable, plus who would ever think about flavoring something by putting it near a candle?? Crazy ideas.

  10. I wish I could do yoga. My old arthritic body just won't go in those directions. Can't do pilates either. But I do still work out with weights and do step classes. (Thank God for good knees.)
    Anyway...playing catch-up with you as usual. Love the pineapple cream cheese goodies and filed the recipe. Interesting, coconut/coffee water. Hmmm. Think of everything we could do with that, but not as a sports drink. Is that how it's advertised? How odd.
    Will pin the walking thing. So true.

    1. Barbara,
      I am 61, overweight, out of shape and have 8" of Titanium Rods screwed into my spine from T2 to T5 due to an injury suffered 2 years ago this past Memorial Day, in 1971 I fractured L2 & L3 while serving with the US Army in Vietnam. I am telling you this because I am one of the healthier TeamDDP members who "joined the program" after Arthurs's Video was posted. One month ago I started doing DDPYoga at a pace that my body could handle. I weighed 268 pounds and couldn't lift my arms over my head. I became Gluten & Dairy Free and follow Food Combining to aid in my path of nutritional well being. On Monday June 11th I will do my 30 day weigh-in along with my 30 day tape. Since my size 46 pants fall off my body now, I am interested to see what my gains are...One Month of exercising 3 to 4 times a week and eating correctly has certainly made a difference in my life...I can NOT wait to see what I'll look like in a year but more importantly how I'll feel! Don't let Arthritic's dictate to YOU what your body is capable of...What a mind can perceive and believe is CAN achieve!

    2. You are so correct PaJim!
      And you go. Keep going.
      I just started DDPYOGA and am SO glad I did. Amazing, that I got thru it. It was hard but not as hard as I thought it would be.

    3. vanillasugar.....BANG! Look me up on TeamDDP James Underwood
      My suggestion is to take it easy...get the Diamond Dozen down and focus on the movement...engage and feel the rush...I am up to doing the Fat Burner along with some crunches from Red Hot Core and doing the Diamond Cutter without any stress to my shoulders or back!!!...Lovin the feeling of the nutritional benefits and can't tell you what a difference being GF is to me. Good Luck, Keep it up and never quit...Jim

  11. For an easy salsa, try "mrs. wages create salsa". It's a dry mix of only dehydrated veggies, salt, and spices. I'm a Master Food Preserver and sometimes when I teach canning, we make some in class. It even tastes surprisingly good with canned diced tomatoes. It's sold in the grocery store, even Walmarts, where canning supplies are located.

  12. That Gawker article was entertaining. I also am so intrigued by those Thai shortbread cookies! I need to look into trying to make those soon.


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