summer break

Summer is almost over. I really hated just typing that. I was just getting into summer, loving the heat and loving the sun. It feels like we just got done with our 9 months of winter and now fall is right around the corner. Well that does mean pumpkin will soon be in the baking air. Love coming up with new pumpkin recipes that's for sure.

But for now I need to take a little break from blogging--not long just a couple weeks to get in some last minute summer enjoyment before it's gone.
Let's just hope we get no more hurricanes or earthquakes.
I'm good on hurricanes, how about you? Yeah.

I need to spend some time here.

beach time 3
And spend more time here.

I want do what she's doing, just one more time this summer.


Get in a few more summertime eats. Shrimp cocktail with garlic bread has been a summertime dinner staple in our family for years. Served with ice cold beer of course.

sandwich farmers market <div style=
Visit a few more farmers markets before they all close up for the summer.


I will miss eating outside. Food always taste better when you eat it outside in the sunshine, even if it is just melted cheese and tomatoes on bread.

I'll definitely miss chilling here.

chatham, ma
Get in some more unique sights on cape cod. This house is in chatham, ma. Why this color not sure, but I want to go find out. I'll report back later....

Love finding new cape cod joints to explore.

Ice cream season isn't over yet...thank goodness.

Gonna have a couple more burgers before summers end.

almond-blueberry pie
And one more double crusted blueberry pie to make....

Be back soon. Have a great holiday weekend!


  1. I don't blame you one teeny bit, Dawn! I think it's a fabulous idea and I wish I could do it, too!

  2. Is ice cream season ever really over?

  3. mrsblocko: ice cream definitely has a season here on cape cod. all the local ice cream stands close up after labor day :-(

  4. Have a great break & a good time enjoying the end of summer. We're doing the same thing though we're headed up to Alaska for a little cooler weather.

  5. Enjoy your time off! Can't wait to see what you'll cook up this fall. Your chicken curry burgers are a staple - make it at least once a month. Cheers!

  6. Have fun on your break!!

  7. Oh, I love holidays and good food! That icecream looks so delicious.

  8. Enjoybur break nd come bck :)

  9. Summer is definitely too short! I want to go to the beach now... Enjoy your break

  10. Enjoy your break and the end of summer! Looking forward to your fall recipes in a few weeks:-)

  11. Our forecast is for 80+ all week. FINALLY! Actually, August was lovely here but I am certainly not ready for fall since our summer is really only 1 month old. A few trees in our neighborhood are starting to turn a bit and I'm noticing a bite in the air in the morning and NO WAY am I ready for boots and sweaters! I am, however, ready for the boys to go back to school. :) Such lovely shots, Dawn! I hope you enjoy the rest of your summer!

  12. Enjoy the last of your summer... GREG

  13. I'm ready for summer to be over..except here that doesn't happen until December. Enjoy the last three weeks, lady!

  14. ENJOY!!! i'm totally not ready for fall yet. can i take a break from work?

  15. Have a great few weeks off. There is always something to do see at the Cape.

  16. These giant food photos are making me so hungry. Especially that one of the ice cream cone. I feel like I could just reach out and grab it. If only! ;)

  17. What amazing and drool worthy pics! How I wish I could go along with you! Don't forget to eat a little something sweet for me daaahling, I'll miss you.
    *kisses* HH

  18. Enjoy your break Dawn!

    I love to make the tomato and cheese toasts too....I use swiss cheese...its what my mom always used. You just reminded me how long its been since I've had it! Can't wait to see you back with your pumpkin creations!

  19. Enjoy the last bits of summer!!! Your photos are gorgeous. And, um, can I have some shrimp cocktail and a big ol' hunk of that blueberry pie? Please? Thanks!

  20. these pictures are gorgeous! its already rainy and cold here after labor day- i hope summer isnt over yet!

  21. you're not the only one mourning summer-i'm right there with you!

  22. There's an end to ice-cream season? I never knew...
    And your photos are really lovely. Enjoy the last gasp of summer. Fall is starting here in northern Utah.

  23. Lovely. Enjoy the last few hurrahs of summer! And yes, why oh why is that house lime green and yellow? Inquiring minds want to know!

  24. great great great end of summer post. :)

  25. Good heavens woman... I am totally craving that burger and a huge slice of that pie. Hope you are having a nice end of the summer break!

    I can't wait to see your pumpkin creations when you get back to baking! :)

  26. FOODGASM- sounds like it's the best of Summer, ahhh well deserved :)


  27. Great photos! Thanks for sharing! Enjoy your break:)

  28. Have a lovely break! Thanks for sharing those wonderful pictures with us...

    Yes, summer was short this year...



  29. Hi Dawn,
    The green & yellow house in Chatham's Old Village is quite the site. The owners painted it those colors after the town flatly turned them down when they applied to move the house back from the road 9 ft and to make some renovations/additions to restore the house. Evidently, those colors fit into those approved by the Historic District codes. Interesting issue. Not sure if it was done for spite???
    Love your blog and the photos are always so inspirational.

  30. 9 months of winter? Where on earth do you live- the north pole? :-)lol
    I live in MI and I know that sometimes it FEELS like 9 months. I am not looking forward to winter either :-(
    I must say that the pic of the chocolate chip cookie has me craving a good homemade chocolate chip cookie-YUMMMM! :-)

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