baked cheesy corn dogs

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Nothing fancy this time around, but definitely something very tasty and SUPER easy!
I saw this recipe at the Big Red Kitchen and instantly had to try it. Ohhh was it good.
The batter is so welcoming to a whole host of add in's: heat, veggies, spices, cheese, etc..
I even made a another batch of corn dogs using veggie hot dogs--so good!
I mean corn dogs with their own rolls baked on--who doesn't love that?
Takes 5-7 minutes to whip up?
Have to love instant comfort food assembly.
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baked cheesy corn dogs
adapted from big red kitchen
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3 cups yellow self-rising corn meal mix
3 eggs
1/4 cup oil
1 1/2 cups milk
1/2 cup sour cream
1/2 cup sugar
1 cup of shredded colby jack (or any kind of cheddar)
A couple pinches of cayenne pepper (add as much or as little or none)
7 hot dogs

Preheat oven to 425°.
In a stand mixer, mix all of the ingredients minus the hot dogs together.
No need to overmix the batter, lumps are good!
Once the mix is smooth, pour into a well-greased 9x13 inch baking dish.
Place the hot dogs in the batter so that the dogs are placed 3 inches apart.
I did 5 vertically/close to the bottom, then 2 horizontally across the top. (see picture).
Bake for 22-25 minutes or until corn bread is cooked through.
Let cool slightly, then with a sharp knife cut around each hot dog insuring each dog is surrounded by corn bread.
Serve with favorite condiments.

cook notes: The original recipe called for using 10 hot dogs, I don’t know how they got them in there, but you can experiment. Be really careful how you place the hot dogs in the batter as you want a 2-inch border around each dog.
I added the heat  cheese to this and it was awesome.
Next time I make these I’m adding some chopped jalapenos to it.
And if you want to make mini appetizers try using those little smokies for this. I’m sure it would be awesome.
Since some of you asked: my baked beans are nothing more than a large can of Bush's Baked Beans (boston or molasses flavor) with 1/2 cup of brown sugar, couple dashes of heat, 1 tb of molasses, 1 tb of ketchup, salt & pepper, and 1/2 cup of thick cut cooked bacon, chopped into big chunks. Mix all together in a casserole dish, reheat in oven at 400 degrees until bubbly.


  1. Very creative!! What a fun dish to serve up! And Congrats on the awards and the cookies too!!

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  2. What a cool and practical recipe! If your picky eater hubby liked it, I'm sure it has to be great then, lol!Oh the picky eaters... It looks fun to eat too!

  3. Fun!! :-D

    Hooray for your recipe being posted, AND for awards!!

  4. Look at those corndogs! Love it!!

    I answered your fish question on my post comment...I buy it already flash frozen at Publix, I think it's good for frozen fish.

  5. Dawn I am so happy they turned out for you and you liked them too. I am liking the additions too! I will have to add some heat next time too as well as some cheese! They look great with the chili and thanks for the heads up on the veggie dogs, I have not yet found one I like so I will try yours. Thanks!!!

  6. Thanks for the shout out!! I am so excited you liked this because I saw it too and want to try it soon!

  7. Thanks for the sweet words! :-)
    I love the idea of the baked corn dogs...now to run it past Phil and see if he goes for it. We have a terrible story about Bush's beans...so maybe I'll just make steamed veggies instead.

  8. What a cute idea :)! It makes so much sense :D.

  9. What a tasty and clever idea. I know my whole family will love these.

  10. Since seeing them on Robing Sue's site I've been wanting to make these... and seeing them once more, I've made my shopping list!!

    They look so good!

  11. cute corn dogs!! how nifty! congrats on everything else, too :)

  12. Dawn your killing me these look so good, how could you possibly go wrong with this. That corn bread looks awesome and I can only imagine how the hot dogs tasted in it! I'm book marking this NOW!!

  13. I love how literal the dish and title are...corn bread and dogs...I find it brilliant!

  14. I know, I saw these too and I have to make them. Thanks for reminding me!

  15. Omigosh, it took me a while to realize they were BAKED! That is so much healthier, and it still looks as good as the fried one! :)

  16. Wow great work.... very creative. IO am so impressed. Can't wait to try these.


  17. i don't think i've had a corn dog since elementary school, and now that i think about it, that's just wrong. i really liked those suckers, and your simplified version is stellar! :)

  18. What a brilliant idea! I love this take on them and since my daughter is addicted to corndogs, I will have to give this take on them a try. The beans look so yummy!

  19. I have a fussy eater who LOVES corn dogs and these look so much healthier than the fried ones he eats.

    Your cookies look gorgeous!

  20. I'm bookmarking this recipe. I LOVE corndogs!

  21. Woohoo for corndogs good buddy! I LOVED them growing up, and thought they were tru hot dog supremacy. Awesome props for trying them yourself, and they aren't even fried, so my guilt factor doesn't kick in :)

    It's getting into winter, but it doesn't feel like it with food like this :)

  22. I love this recipe! It reminds me of toad in the hole (a favorite of my husband) made with cornbread. I have to make it for him.

  23. Thank you Dawn for saying that and here I wanted to take a photography class next semester. I hardly have the time!!!
    You have really turned up the volume on the corn dog! It sure looks scrumptious!Could you please teach Sandra lee your version, it is wayyyyy healthier!

  24. Yup - this is totally a stellar idea!


  25. Another great recipe, Dawn. This looks delicious!!

  26. These look so fun!

    I just found your blog from Noble Pig. I've been pouring over all of your recipes for the last hour! My kids have both been napping, so this is how I used my "me" time this afternoon. I hope you feel honored! =)


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