Chubby Wifey ice cream


Do you all know about Ben & Jerry's "Suggest A Flavor" on their website?
This is the place, when you think you've got the next newest, baddest, craziest, and best selling ice cream flavor!
My Chubby Wifey flavor is a homage, (or evil twin?) to the Chubby Hubby.
Why should Chubby Hubby have all the fun, all the domination? Right?
I will strongly suggest to Mr. Ben and Mr. Jerry, that they should make this ice cream as the perfect mate to the infamous Chubby Hubby ice cream.

So fingers crossed, let's hope they notice my crazy yet tasty concoction.

On the "Resurrect A Flavor" section, which one would you bring back?
I was amazed at how many flavors have died.
I miss the Mint with Oreo Cookies.
What flavor do you miss?

I made this ice cream eggless, using condensed milk--it's really quite easy since there is no custard making to do.
But if you prefer a custard base, the results would be just as good.
I prefer the quick and easy route when it's 86 degrees and 76% humidity.







Chubby Wifey Ice Cream
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chocolate ice cream base:
1/2 cup sugar
2 TB double Dutch cocoa powder
small pinch of sea salt
1 can (14 ounces) sweetened condensed milk
2 cups half & half
1 cup heavy cream

peanut butter swirls:
½ cup +/- chunky or smooth peanut butter

cheddar cheese pretzels:
I used about ¾ cup of cheddar filled pretzels (from Combo’s brand)

Cook notes: I added in the peanut butter swirls by hand. If I add them to the ice cream maker while it’s churning, I found they just dissolve. I like to see and taste peanut butter swirls.

In a medium bowl, mix together the sugar, cocoa powder, salt and condensed milk. Mix until lumps from cocoa powder are gone.
Add in the half and half and heavy cream, mix. Cover, and set in fridge to let flavors blend a bit. At least an hour or longer.
Pour mixture into ice cream maker and follow manufactures directions.
The last 2 minutes of churning add in the pretzels.
Do these next steps rather fast:
Pour half of ice cream mixture into large glass or ceramic bowl, drizzle the peanut butter over the ice cream, place remaining ice cream on top. Cover and place in freezer immediately.
Should make a little over a quart.


  1. omg. you didn't.

    the cocoa, the PB, the heavy cream AND those Combos (I love Combos - won't even buy them I love them so much!)

    This is Definitely worth it's namesake and B & J's needs to sell this!

  2. Haha, what a great variation on Chubby Hubby - love it! :) I wish they'd bring back chocolate heath bar crunch!

  3. The combos? Brilliant. That should totally pick your amazeball flavor

  4. Needs a better name, though. Stout Spouse? Burly Girly? Weighty Matey?

    I LOVE using condensed milk! It totally feels like I'm cheating! Have you tried using coconut milk? Very similar effect and results, and your vegan buddies wil LOVE you.

  5. Bet you get some marriage proposals.

  6. Wow I had no idea they had a suggest a flavor or a bring it back list!

  7. I want to marry you. And this ice cream. 4 eva. TOTALLY BRILL!!!!!

  8. More power to the wives! Cool combination.
    By the way, I got the Cookie Dough Lover's Cookbook in the mail today, thank you again for holding that giveaway!

  9. I would love to see Festivus return for the holidays, or forever.

  10. Oh yes, mint with oreos IS such a great flavor. But THIS may be even better. And the name alone won me over. Considering my hubby can eat whatever he pleases and and have no body fat (jerk) the name is appropriate :) You can't go wrong with chocolate and PB. Will have to make this asap. Thanks!

  11. You are seriously a genius!

  12. Wow, this is insane and what I would do for a scoop now in 90 degree heat!! Chubby Wifey rocks...

  13. I love the name suggestion of burly girly.

    ben and jerrys should totally make this one.

  14. This is both insane and awesome at the same time...exactly why I adore you.

  15. Okay, this sound better than I thought when I saw it on FB, I thought it was Cheetos, not the cheesey pretzels. I would totally try it. And I love making ice cream the easy way with condensed milk. Chubby Wifey, that would be me. ;)

  16. Oh, what an awesome ice cream! Really naughty... ;-P



  17. Mint with Oreo cookie is gone? I do not buy ice cream enough. I totally need to try your chocolate and cheddar combo.

  18. What an amazing combination of flavors!! I want a giant bowl right now...

  19. I think if I had a container of this I would turn into a chubby wifey. Love the name...lol! No more hubby having all the fun.

  20. Woman! Why oh why do I come here when I am craving something sweet. You are KILLING me with this one.

  21. This is obscene...in such a GOOD way!! You are super creative, don't let Ben * Jerry's steal your idea :)

  22. The dark cocoa powder gives your ice cream a great color, this is a winner, I'd buy it!

  23. Yum, I would love that ice cream!

  24. cheddar cheese combos? i'm questioning that... but totally would try it :)

  25. Good luck, Dawn! :) I hope they love it too!

  26. OMG Dawn, this is AMAZING!!! I'm sharing this on my FB page (and tweeting and pinning) you go girl!

  27. had i never seen this post and had ben and jerry come out with a customer-created combo-containing ice cream, i would've asked you if you had suggested it. no lie--this is you, through and through, and it sounds amazing! i miss the flavor that was cinnamon ice cream with oatmeal cookies scattered throughout...

  28. OMG, I haven't had a combo since university - i loved them! I also love Chubby Hubby so this sounds interesting and I'd definitely give it a go!

  29. MMMM,..;You are one creative woman, dear Dawn!

    This ice-cream screams screams my attention & calls my mouth right now! Yummmm! It oozes deliciousness!

  30. Chubby Hubby is my favorite ice cream! I submitted a flavor idea once and they ended up releasing something similar and send me coupons for free ice cream :) Yay for Chubby Wifey!

  31. Hehe.. chubby wifey. Sounds like the perfect complement to Chubby Hubby :)

    I love pretzels, but I've never had them in ice cream.. the salty and sweet combination is probably killer! Awesome.

  32. By the way, the scrolling tweet bar makes it very hard to press the submit comment button.

  33. Salty, Sweet, and Gooey! Doen't really get much better than that!

  34. This is my fav basic ice cream recipe, too!
    Love the cheesy pretzels + PB. Salt, sweet, peanut buttery.

  35. Combos were my favorite snack in high school. I bet this is awesome!


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